Co-op attorney’s threat letter gets reply

Two days ago I received a letter from my Berkeley senior housing co-op’s attorney, apparently threatening to have my guests arrested for “trespass”, if I dared to let them into our building to attend a panel discussion, scheduled for tomorrow, on civil liberties in housing co-ops and other such communities. Ironic, of course, as I discussed on Monday. Yesterday she got an answer from my attorney. It speaks for itself.

As mentioned in my previous entry, this is not the first time that Berkeley Town House has censored peaceful discussions by its members and residents. Two years ago it did the same. In September 2010 it denied requests for reservations of space for two meetings that would have been open to all members and residents. I blogged about this at the time. To enrich the record, I am now posting the original summary denial, saying only that BTH wasn’t “an appropriate venue”, and then the notice by the BTH board of directors, explaining its denial in some detail. As you can see, the board didn’t hesitate to admit that it was banning these meetings on the basis of who the participants would have been, what they would have said, and what motives they would have had for participating. It says something profound about these directors that they not only engage in censorship but boast of doing so.

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