Naming This Site

Why is this site named “”?

OK, why is this site named “” (and my blog named “Stulta”)?

This question isn’t worth running a contest on, so I’ll quickly summarize my reasons, to relieve your suspense.

1. I wanted a name that expressed something basic about my worldview, and “stulta” does that.

2. Once I chose the concept, I needed to choose a language to express it in. English was out, since “stupid.justabouteverything” is already registered to people who got there faster than I. Same for the German “dumm”. Not quite so bad for the French “stupide”, but only obscure TLDs are left there. Of course, I could use PanLex to root out expressions in more esoteric languages. Some, like the Basque “tonto”, are all sold out, too. But in Icelandic they say “heimskur”, and, despite the Icelandic financial meltdown, nobody has registered “heimskur.anythingatall”. Anyway, I chose the word in Esperanto, intstead, “stulta”. Esperanto speakers are apparently as oblivious to stupidity as the Icelanders, since until I came along nobody had registered any domain starting with “stulta.”. Or perhaps it’s the opposite: They are all (except for me) smart enough to know that it’s an idiotic idea to name your own Web site “stulta”.

3. It’s part of a secret plot to teach the world Esperanto. See? It’s working. Now you know how to say “stupid” in Esperanto. You may think that’s not enough to let you start using the language, and I’ll grant you that. But it may be more than you think. After all, “stulta” is a gateway drug to “stultega = utterly idiotic”, “stulto = stupidity”, “stulte = stupidly”, “stulti = do something dumb”, “stultulo = nitwit”, “stultaĵo = booboo”, and even “malstulta = intelligent”. And so much more. So maybe it’s not a stultaĵo to name your Web site “stulta”.

Reminds me of a claim I read ages ago that only racecar drivers who have no fear paint their vehicles yellow. The analogy here, I think, isn’t that I have no stupidity, but rather that I have no fear of stupidity. After all, it’s the key to the stupidity defense, which (Susie will attest) I invoke several times a day.

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