Seismic report issued on Berkeley Town House

Two seismic engineers reported the findings of an evaluation of senior cooperative Berkeley Town House in June.

Two seismic engineers delivered a report on 15 June 2015 describing the findings of a brief seismic evaluation of Berkeley Town House, a 9-story, 60-unit 1960s cooperative apartment building occupied by seniors in Berkeley, California.

The 11-page report, by Joe Maffei and Karl Telleen of Maffei Structural Engineering, begins with a two-page executive summary. The report lists prior documents that were reviewed by the engineers as part of their evaluation:

  1. 17 pages of structural drawings, 1960
  2. 1962 interview with engineer (page 5)
  3. 1990 engineer letter
  4. 1990 resident letter
  5. 2000 structural engineering proposal
  6. 2002 technical report
  7. 2007 inspection report
  8. 2009 engineer presentation slides
  9. 2010 resident rapid visual screening
  10. 2014 resident rapid visual screening
  11. 24 pages of architectural drawings, 1960
  12. 8 pages of mechanical and plumbing drawings, 1960
  13. 9 pages of electrical drawings, 1960

The report discusses five potential risks from a major earthquake, possible additional investigation, and possible remedial measures that might ameliorate risks if confirmed.

Readers with comments or questions about the report, or about the above-listed documents, are invited to comment below.

Addendum, 7 July 2015:

On 30 June, Maffei and Telleen wrote a one-page memorandum commenting on an additional prior document. That addendum has now been attached to the evaluation. The prior document is also available:

1989 damage summary

1 thought on “Seismic report issued on Berkeley Town House

  1. I am very pleased, and grateful, to see this pertinent report, and look forward to we Town House members taking its implications seriously

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