PG&E: Two pieces of incompetence

The reported incompetence of PG&E has gotten supporting evidence from the blunders of its energy-efficiency experts increasing energy waste in my home and gibberish in its billing notices.

It has been widely reported that PG&E is evil, incompetent, or both.

Here are two simple examples of incompetence:

  1. Every emailed electricity billing notice that I get from PG&E contains the sentence, “Since you are enrolled in our automatic payment service, the APS amount to
    be applied on is $. ”
  2. PG&E sent energy-conservation experts to my home to install energy-conservation measures. They removed a 1.5-gallon-per-minute aerator from the kitchen faucet and replaced it with a 2-gallon-per-minute aerator. They removed a 1-gallon-per-minute aerator from the bathroom faucet and replaced it with a 2-gallon-per-minute aerator. Months after I complained about this, they sent another expert to my home to investigate. He said the replacements had been wrong and would be corrected. Months later I complained that the correction had not taken place. Months after that PG&E sent experts to my home to make the correction. They replaced the kitchen aerator with a new one having the same flow rate as the original one. They replaced the bathroom aerator with a 1.5-gallon-per-minute aerator. Thus, they made no improvement in the kitchen faucet’s energy use, and they left the bathroom faucet using more energy than it originally had used.

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