Rule changes proposed at BTH

Berkeley Town House’s Board of Directors has posted a notice of proposed rule changes. Here is a copy, for the convenience of those interested.

The Board of Directors of Berkeley Town House (BTH) met on 27 January and heard the President advocate some changes in the operating rules. I don’t recall any discussion or a vote by the Board on the changes. In any case, on 16 February a notice of proposed rule changes appeared on a bulletin board, and on 19 February BTH’s manager sent the notice to some BTH members. The notice invites members to submit comments by 21 March.

For the convenience of other members and for the many friends and prospective members of BTH who may wish to keep up with developments at this historic senior housing cooperative, I make available here a copy of the proposal.

[This entry was originally posted on 19 February and edited on 20 February in light of new information.]

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