Beware AccuWeather

AccuWeather makes it difficult or impossible to unsubscribe to its weather alerts.

You may have trouble getting rid of AccuWeather alerts after you move to a different place and want to discontinue alerts about the place you formerly lived in.

I moved in July 2018 and did not succeed in turning off my AccuWeather email alerts for my previous location until today.

If I click on “unsubscribe”, I always get this message:

Requested script (unsubscribe) not found in htbin directory (OSUWWW_SCRIPT:[alertssignup])

When I have complained directly to AccuWeather on its contact form, I have never received a reply until today, when I did. AccuWeather today said it had removed me as a subscriber. But it said nothing about repairing the bug that I had reported.

Alternatives include and


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