Middle Names

I have begun to use my middle name as a perhaps temporary disambiguator.

Once upon a time if I did a Web search for the phrase “Jonathan Pool” I retrieved no pages about or by anybody else. The count of people with that name on the Web has increased a bit, so in the interest of ambiguity prevention I am adding to my name label the middle name I previously omitted except when asked. Allegedly this uniqueness technique will become unnecessary when URIs assume the job.

2 thoughts on “Middle Names

  1. Ha ha. You’re not unique. I’m so glad that isn’t one of the problems I have.

    1. I’m envious. There isn’t even a page that contains both “Janiska” and “Kellerovich” in any order and at any distance findable by Google. As NPR would say, “You are BLEEPing unique.”

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