My candidacy in the election for Berkeley Town House Directors is being endorsed by concerned members of the community.

My candidacy in the election for Directors of Berkeley Town House is being endorsed by these members of the cooperative (names available on request):

“I am voting for Jonathan Pool because he is open to listening, discussing, and considering the ideas of all BTH members. Jonathan works hard researching ways to make BTH a better place to live.” (AG)

I like the questions you ask and the information you gather so that we can make intelligent decisions, and you will have my vote in May.” (OC)

I am solidly on board with you, Jonathan.” (VM)

We need more people who are trying to make this corporation work well and you do the work.  I greatly appreciate your efforts and support you.” (GB)

“Jonathan Pool has my vote.” (CL)

Jonathan Pool has helped me think through a number of tough questions regarding BTH, and he and Susan have been kindest neighbors.” (BB)

I endorse Jonathan Pool because I like his research ability and his pursuit of more democratic policies for all residents.” (WM)

The hardest working of all candidates is Jonathan. Therefore please vote for Jonathan and two other of the remaining four candidates.” (MR)

Jonathan Pool has the intelligence, diligence, a recognition of the importance of community, and curiosity to make him a good board member for our coop community. He is very aware of the need for cost saving as well as looking forward to what our building and community will need to maintain its affordability and attractiveness to new buyers. For all these reasons, I am happy to lend my name in support of his candidacy.” (DG)

Of course, not all endorsers agree with everything in my platform, but they know that I am committed to openness, responsibility, and respect for all who live in our community.

If you wish to join the others who are endorsing my candidacy, please comment below, or contact me personally. Thanks!

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