PanLex Translation Interface

I’ve created a tool to translate words into hundreds of languages. The tool uses PanLex, Utilika Foundation’s emerging panlingual lexical database.

I’m developing a Web application that you can use to translate words into hundreds of languages.

This application demonstrates the use of PanLex, an emerging panlingual lexical database sponsored by Utilika Foundation. The bare-bones interface lets the user enter a word or phrase (in the user’s language), and offers all the translations of it that PanLex currently contains.

So far, I have implemented the tool in two languages: Esperanto and Turkish. The Esperanto interface is InterVorto and the Turkish interface is TümSöz.

After some more work on portability, it should take about 5 minutes each to extend it to other languages. PanLex currently contains data in about 1300 languages.

The only translations offered by this tool are attested ones: translations approved by contributors. These vary greatly in number. For example, InterVorto can translate the Esperanto word  “balotilo” into only 8 languages, but can translate the word “akvo” into 668 languages. If you want translations into more languages, you can follow a link to PanLem, a more comprehensive (and expert-level) PanLex interface, which allows you to see two-step translations (translations of translations). PanLem is bleeding-edge work, in which I am limiting the UI to purely lemmatic labels so PanLex can localize itself into any language that it covers. So, if you follow that link, be prepared to explore.

Usability comments on the tool are, of course, very welcome.

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