Classification Struggle

BTH (and not only BTH) is hard to classify.

BTH is a misfit. Much of the outside world insists on classifying its transaction partners, and the categories may not work well. Some of us at BTH have been trying to learn about incentives for energy conservation. They’re mostly provided by our utility, PG&E. Well, PG&E rigidly partitions all its customers into “residential” and “commercial”. So, what is BTH? It took about 2 months to pry the answer out of PG&E, but it’s finally in. BTH is residential for natural gas, but commercial for electricity. It took so long because PG&E itself wasn’t sure. Now, at last, we can figure out what incentives there are, and, knowing that, we can investigate energy-conservation measures and make decisions about them.

This problem isn’t limited to PG&E. I’ve visited scores of Web sites that insist I must classify myself before I can proceed beyond the home page. If I were inquiring for BTH as a whole, I might have to choose among “families”, “small business”, and “enterprises”. Why don’t they all add one more category, “misfits”, so we can all be welcome?

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