Google Translate hits 64 with Esperanto

Esperanto is the 64th Google Translate language, added this week. Seems to work better than French, German, or Russian.

Google announced two days ago the addition of Esperanto as the 64th language served by Google Translate.

A quick test suggests that Esperanto is in some cases working a bit better than French, German, or Russian. Here’s a sentence from the home page of the PanLex project: “They dread a world in which only English, only Mandarin, or only Hindi has survived.” Here are the translations:

French: “Ils redoutent un monde dans lequel Hindi seulement l’anglais, seulement le mandarin, ou seulement a survécu.”

German: “Sie fürchten eine Welt, in der nur Englisch, nur Mandarin, Hindi oder nur überlebt hat.”

Russian: “Они боятся мира, в котором только на английском языке, только китайском, хинди или только выжила.”

Esperanto: “Ili timis la mondon en kiu nur angla, nur mandarena, aŭ nur hinda postvivis.”

Not perfect, but Esperanto seems to have escaped a weird parsing error that corrupts the others.

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