Anti-immigrant racial profiling nonsense

The debate about racial profiling of suspected illegal immigrants is far too timid.

Anthony Romero of the ACLU says “Law enforcement in Arizona can now demand “papers” from anyone they suspect of being here unlawfully. The only criteria they could possibly be using for this supposed suspicion is the way a person looks or sounds. ”

That is ridiculous, for at least 3 reasons.

First, as the ACLU says, the law requires not a suspicion, but a “reasonable suspicion”. How could the look or sound of a person create a reasonable suspicion of migrational illegality? Legal residents of the U.S. look and sound many different ways.

Second, “criteria” is plural. Romero presumably meant to say “criterion”. He should get some proofreading help.

Third, if the ACLU is going to battle to stop police officers from verifying whether a person is a legal resident of the U.S., then the ACLU has basically given up the fight for civil liberties. The huge violation of immigrant rights is not checking whether people have violated immigration law–IT IS IMMIGRATION LAW! What makes the ACLU more willing to tolerate a law that prohibits free immigration into the U.S. than it would be to tolerate a law prohibiting free migration from Arizona to Oklahoma? I’ll tell you what. It’s the ACLU’s capitulation to nationalistic, isolationistic, exceptionalistic, anti-human, anti-planetary ideology. The incarceration rate in the U.S. is not the 1% usually claimed: It is 100%. Every human being on Earth is a prisoner: confined to a single nation-state or migration-treaty area, legally permitted to emigrate by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but not able to make use of that right because the counterpart right, the right to immigrate, is not respected by the world’s states. And it’s not respected by the ACLU either. When a tyrannical regime murders millions of its subjects, the ACLU doesn’t demand the right of all that regime’s prospective victims to migrate into the country where the ACLU lobbies for rights. So they get slaughtered, or perhaps flee clandestinely across a border and get warehoused for years in a squalid refugee camp. This, with the complicity of the ACLU, which is so busy protecting illegal immigrants that it never gets around to demanding that the very concept of illegal immigration be relegated to the same pile of anachronisms as illegal thought.

If I have $50 to give for immigrant rights, it won’t go to Romero’s fund to inhibit enforcement of immigration law. It will go to a fund to exterminate immigration law. I claim the right to move to any country of my choice. And I claim that right for everybody in the world.

2 thoughts on “Anti-immigrant racial profiling nonsense

  1. so the supreme wriggled and jiggled and left the most heinous provision of AZ SB 1400 in place.

    what else did we expect from these proud poodles of the state?


    1. Nothing.

      But I expect more from the advocates of immigrant rights than a mere “Don’t enforce this law”. They could demand that the entire body of U.S. immigration law be replaced with “New Colossus”.

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