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BTH Campaign Poster 2

Saturday, May 1st, 2010
Say no to bias. Vote for Pool.

Poster 2 in my campaign for BTH Director.


Sunday, April 25th, 2010

My candidacy in the election for Directors of Berkeley Town House is being endorsed by these members of the cooperative (names available on request):

“I am voting for Jonathan Pool because he is open to listening, discussing, and considering the ideas of all BTH members. Jonathan works hard researching ways to make BTH a better place to live.” (AG)

I like the questions you ask and the information you gather so that we can make intelligent decisions, and you will have my vote in May.” (OC)

I am solidly on board with you, Jonathan.” (VM)

We need more people who are trying to make this corporation work well and you do the work.  I greatly appreciate your efforts and support you.” (GB)

“Jonathan Pool has my vote.” (CL)

Jonathan Pool has helped me think through a number of tough questions regarding BTH, and he and Susan have been kindest neighbors.” (BB)

I endorse Jonathan Pool because I like his research ability and his pursuit of more democratic policies for all residents.” (WM)

The hardest working of all candidates is Jonathan. Therefore please vote for Jonathan and two other of the remaining four candidates.” (MR)

Jonathan Pool has the intelligence, diligence, a recognition of the importance of community, and curiosity to make him a good board member for our coop community. He is very aware of the need for cost saving as well as looking forward to what our building and community will need to maintain its affordability and attractiveness to new buyers. For all these reasons, I am happy to lend my name in support of his candidacy.” (DG)

Of course, not all endorsers agree with everything in my platform, but they know that I am committed to openness, responsibility, and respect for all who live in our community.

If you wish to join the others who are endorsing my candidacy, please comment below, or contact me personally. Thanks!

BTH Campaign Poster 1

Friday, April 23rd, 2010
Say no to bias. Vote for Pool.

Poster 1 in my campaign for BTH Director.

BTH Pre-Election Event

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Everybody at BTH is welcome to a conversation at 7 p.m. on Sunday evening, 18 April 2010, in the lounge about issues in the May election for Directors. It’s on the BTH calendar, and I’ve posted an announcement.

In another posting I have written up a platform.

BTH Election Statement

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

To members of Berkeley Town House Cooperative Corporation:

You will soon face a choice in an election for Directors. I am one of five candidates¹ for three positions. Why should you—or shouldn’t you—give me one of your votes?

Our Board of Directors has done some important and difficult things to make BTH a better place. But the Board is showing signs of fatigue. I offer energy and ideas for further improvements. I pledge to work for a BTH that is governed responsibly and openly, and a BTH that uses modern tools to reach out to the world. Below you can see my concrete goals, giving substance to this vision.

If this isn’t your vision, I hope you’ll let me know what you think. Come to a pre-election event and speak your mind. I want everybody’s ideas before the election, and if I’m elected I’ll continue to welcome everybody’s ideas.

Open governance

  • Open voting. Fill any mid-term vacancy with a vote of the remaining Directors at an open meeting, as California law and the Bylaws require, and only after asking all BTH members for volunteers and suggestions².
  • Open finances. Involve members early in discussions on budgets and all major expenditures, including hiring, contracts, alterations, and equipment purchases.
  • Collaboration. Create a more collaborative and trusting partnership among the Board, committees, and individual volunteers.
  • Records. Grant same-day or instant access to information when any member requests.

Responsible governance

  • New projects. Cancel the moratorium on new projects and evaluate proposed work on its merits.
  • Modernization. Evaluate possible plumbing, electrical, and glazing improvements.
  • Economy. Stop the planned office expansion. Investigate expense reductions via measures to save electricity, gas, and water. Save time by recycling laundry quarters or installing ID readers on laundry machines.
  • Seismic performance. Resume work on predicting the building’s response to major earthquakes.
  • Documentation. Digitize and reorganize BTH records so current policies, committees, contracts, and account balances are rapidly accessible.
  • Equity. Investigate financing and contractual options to protect members against assessment increases.
  • Civility. Welcome all new ideas and queries, and take constructive solidarity-building measures at the first sign of intolerance, hostility, or panic.

A better-connected BTH

  • Human relations. Encourage informal friendly communication through occasional meals, parties, conversations, workgroups, excursions, and retreats.
  • Internet. Establish a BTH Web and email presence. Investigate building-wide Internet connectivity with an intranet and a shared workstation.
  • Marketing. Help those planning ahead for senior housing to find BTH, learn what it offers, and tour it.

¹The other candidates are Jack Sawyer and three incumbents: Almalee Henderson, Nancy Kalkanis, and Judith Wehlau.

²The legal argument is made by Adams Kessler. Requests for volunteers and suggestions are illustrated by Peacock Gap.