In California, 10,000,000 win while 60 lose rights

Two battles over the rights of 10 million Californians living in housing communities have recently ended. The right to full financial disclosure was dealt a blow for 60 Berkeley residents, but the right to assemble and speak in common spaces was made the law for all 10 million. If you are one of them and you want full financial disclosure, you have several options, all problematic.

Court postpones trial in Berkeley co-op lawsuit after settlement reported

A settlement of two lawsuits involving a Berkeley senior housing cooperative was announced in court today, as the trial of one case was about to begin. The judge postponed the trial and made arrangements to have the settlement agreement submitted to the co-op members for comments and to the court for its approval.

Court pressures parties to settle Berkeley senior co-op case

A judge in two lawsuits involving a Berkeley senior housing cooperative issued an order on 5 April that caught all the attorneys by surprise, telling them they had been arguing about something that didn’t exist. In doing so, he ramped up the pressure on them to complete a voluntary settlement of the litigation.

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