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PayPal Account Closure

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

When closing your account is like finding a needle in a haystack, you know something is wrong. PayPal isn’t as bad as some organizations, which simply don’t allow account holders to close their accounts. But PayPal makes you guess repeatedly until you find the right path. “Close my account” is by no means a link on the main page.

Today Anonymous inspired me to do what I had long knew I should do: close my PayPal account. What a horrible organization to do business with. It makes mistakes and has engineered itself to assure the permanence of those mistakes. Its rule is: Whenever somebody reports a mistake to us, do not read the report; send a form message back that does not deal with the report. If the person complains that the form message didn’t deal with the report, send the same form message back again. Blacklisting organizations that defend freedom of information was enough to motivate an account closure even without this administrative incompetence, but I was too lethargic to act on this motivation until I saw Anonymous’s campaign today.

PayPal account closure

PayPal account closure