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Progress reported in settling Berkeley co-op litigation

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Berkeley, California, 12 August 2014

An agreement settling some issues was submitted today to the court where a lawsuit involving Berkeley housing cooperative Berkeley Town House is being tried. Attorney David H. Schwartz, representing plaintiff Jonathan Pool, a member of the co-op, filed a stipulation setting forth the terms of the agreement, which Schwartz and three other attorneys representing the co-op and two construction contractors, Garry Secrest and Esteban Cardiel, had signed. The agreement resolves disputes over the co-op’s settlement of its claims against the contractors in a related lawsuit, resulting in payments by the contractors of more than $200,000 to the co-op.

In a statement filed in the court at the same time, Schwartz reported that negotiations are in progress between Pool and the co-op “aimed at a full or partial settlement” of the case, while seven of the defendants, former directors of the co-op, are appealing to the Court of Appeal an order issued by Alameda County Superior Court Judge George C. Hernandez, Jr.