In California, 10,000,000 win while 60 lose rights

Two battles over the rights of 10 million Californians living in housing communities have recently ended. The right to full financial disclosure was dealt a blow for 60 Berkeley residents, but the right to assemble and speak in common spaces was made the law for all 10 million. If you are one of them and you want full financial disclosure, you have several options, all problematic.

Week 20 at an Unbootcamp

Students JavaScript and web application development at Learners Guild in Oakland begin by creating pieces of applications, and after a few weeks entire make-believe applications. After about 20 weeks, however, they may begin participating in the creation, repair, and improvement of real software that is in current use. I’m about to make that transition.

Week 19 at an Unbootcamp

Learners Guild, an alternative to coding bootcamps, is working to make itself more participatory, although most of us Learners have our plates full trying to absorb ever more techniques of software development. We not only produce software, but also consume it as tools of production, and we face the same problems of inscrutability and dysfunctionality as the world does with consumer software.

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