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Jonathan Robert Pool: Dissemination

Here I disseminate miscellaneous items of interest.

Human Subject

Human Subject is an investigational memoir by Janice H. Keller, who has permitted me to make the work publicly available here.


Centerplex was a commercial real estate complex that was under my ownership and/or management from 1990 until 2004. It had a website at “”, now retired. Some pages from that site are archived here.

Utilika Foundation

Utilika Foundation was a charitable foundation that I organized in 2004 with a gift from Centerplex and served as president of until its liquidation in 2012. It conducted and supported scientific and engineering research and development and documented its status and work at its website, “”. Some pages from that site are archived here. Utilika Foundation’s primary activity was the PanLex project, which since 2012 has been sponsored by The Long Now Foundation as a sister project of that foundation’s Rosetta Project, and the content of the Utilika Foundation website that may be of continuing value is now accessible at the website of the PanLex project.