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What was Centerplex?

Centerplex, established in 1990, was a private company investing in, improving, and operating innovative suburban Seattle, Washington, office buildings. Located at Southcenter in Tukwila, where I-5 and I-405 meet, Centerplex's four buildings served primarily small businesses, professionals, and nonprofits.

Centerplex was among the first office-building operators in the Puget Sound region to introduce tenant-friendly draft-your-own Web leases, aggressive and national-award-winning energy-conservation and recycling programs for all tenants, on-line reservations of conference rooms, and universal high-speed Internet access for tenants. Tenants could choose among a wide range of occupancy types, including "Virtual Tenancy", furnished executive-suite offices with live reception and clerical support, and independent offices from 50 to 3000 square feet. Shared conference rooms, kitchens, and copiers were available to tenants, so they could operate with the greatest practical economy. Centerplex also helped its tenants with advice and cautions about business procurement.

Starting about 2000, significant changes occurred in the local real-estate economy. The demand for Centerplex's primary stock in trade, small offices for one- and two-person organizations, became weaker. Meanwhile, local companies became more assertive in seeking to acquire buildings in which they could establish their own offices while leasing the remainder to others. Centerplex considered (and experimented with) various responses to these trends, ultimately deciding it was rational to begin a strategic disinvestment. The disinvestment plan included retaining professional property management from JSH Properties, Inc., and offering the buildings to interested buyers. In mid-2003 we sold Centerplex D. In 2004 the remaining three buildings became the property of a nonprofit organization, Utilika Foundation, which decided to continue the disinvestment program and sold the three buildings by the end of 2004. Thus, Centerplex terminated its operations as a business in 2004.

Each of Centerplex's buildings was purchased by an organization that planned to undertake significant long-term improvements for the benefit of the building's tenants (improvements of a scale that Centerplex would not have had the resources to attempt), and to move its own offices into the building, thus becoming a fellow-tenant as well as the landlord.

We wish to express our great appreciation to Centerplex's tenants for their patronage, friendship, advice, suggestions, and (often) patience, as we learned the details of commercial property management and tried to do everything from sort the mail to unplug the plumbing, and for their tolerance of some disruptions that occurred during the changes of building management and ownership. The former management and staff of Centerplex have moved on to pursuits at various other organizations, including Skills USA, Davis Wright Tremaine, Aptimus, AGM, the City of Federal Way, the City of Helena (Montana), and the University of Washington.

Any questions pertaining to the period of ownership by Utilika Foundation or before may be directed to JSH Properties, Inc.

The buildings' new owners (and fellow-tenants) are:

Centerplex A (6100 Southcenter Boulevard): Seattle Mental Health
Centerplex B (6000 Southcenter Boulevard): Pacific Rim Financial Group
Centerplex C (331 Andover Park East): M & M Management
Centerplex D (320 Andover Park East): Washington Cities Insurance Authority

The buildings at 6100 Southcenter Boulevard, 6000 Southcenter Boulevard, and 320 Andover Park East are managed by JSH Properties, Inc. The building at 331 Andover Park East is managed by M & M Management.

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