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Human Subject

An Investigational Memoir

by Janice H. Keller

AHA! (Alphabetical Hodgepodge of Abbreviations)
1. No Pain, No Brain
2. The Protection Racket
3. The Pharma Team
4. Freeing of Information
5. QID
6. One Rule Fits All?
7. Further Adventures with the Pharma Team
8. Getting the Goods
9. It’s the Serotonin, Stupid
10. First Do No Research
11. Elevated
12. The Investigation Superhighway
13. Luck of the Blood Draw
14. Farther Along the Investigation Superhighway
15. No Brain, No Pain
16. Child Sacrifices
17. The Sins of the Mother
18. Physician, Investigate Thyself
19. Uncovered
20. Unwanted
21. Like Pulling Teeth
22. Public-Private Puzzlement
23. The Face Is Unfamiliar
Two Reviews of Human Subject

Book contents last modified February 2008