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Our mission was universal interactivity. We sought to advance communication and collaboration among diverse human and artificial agents, by means of pure and applied research.


We chose to focus on interactivity across the boundaries of human languages. There are about seven thousand languages in the world. We sought to make it possible for humans, collaborating with automatic agents, to use their own native languages and yet share information, ideas, and emotions panlingually.


We began our work by supporting research at the University of Washington’s Turing Center related to our interest. This research produced a lexical database (TransGraph) designed to support panlingual translation, and a more powerful extension of it (PanDictionary) based on intelligent automated inference. After this work demonstrated the feasibility of the concept, we continued it, enlarging, enriching, and modifying the database, now named “PanLex”. We also began to make it accessible to researchers, developers, and users around the world. Our sponsorship of this work continued through 2011.

People and Partners

We had expert directors, officers, and advisors. Our initial organizational partner was the University of Washington Turing Center. We worked independently in 2010 and 2011. Starting in 2012, we accepted an offer by The Long Now Foundation to assume sponsorship of our PanLex project. At Long Now, PanLex works in partnership with The Rosetta Project. Since PanLex was the only significant activity of our foundation, we dedicated our remaining assets to PanLex at Long Now.


We were founded in 2004 and were incorporated in the State of Washington, U.S.A. After our sole significant activity was reorganized as an activity of The Long Now Foundation as of 1 January 2012, we ended the tax-exempt corporate status of Utilika Foundation. Our founding documents, periodic governmental filings, and meeting minutes are still posted for public reference. Details...

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