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Utilika Foundation was established on 3 May 2004. Soon thereafter a Seattle commercial real-estate business, Centerplex, contributed its land and buildings to us. Near the end of 2004, we completed the liquidation of these assets, whereupon we were able to begin substantive operations. In recognition of the founding contribution and with the permission of Centerplex, we adopted the logo that it formerly used.


We were a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of Washington. Our Washington State Registered Agent was Washington Registered Agent, LLC. Our Washington State Registered Office Address was 315 West Mission Avenue, Suite 21, Spokane, Washington 99201.

We conducted activities in California, as well. Our agent for service of process in the State of California was Jonathan Pool, 2550 Dana Street, Apartment 2C, Berkeley, California 94704-2863.

Our 2002 NAICS Code was 813211 (Grantmaking Foundations).

Our 1987 SIC Code was 6732.

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Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(a), filed with United States Internal Revenue Service: Form 1024

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Under current law, Utilika Foundation has been exempt from registration with the Washington Charities Program since 2007.

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