Utilika Foundation

Activities, 2005


This document is a description of activities of Utilika Foundation from 1 January 2005 through 31 December 2005. This document constitutes an attachment to the foundation's annual return, pursuant to line 76 of Form 990 for 2005.

Financial Support Provision

The foundation from January through April 2005 discussed its possible provision of financial support with several possible receipients of such support. As the culmination of those discussions, in May 2005 the foundation executed an agreement with the University of Washington Foundation. The agreement took the form of a letter of intent. In the letter, the foundation stated its intent to make, and/or obtain the consent of other parties to make, gifts to the University of Washington Foundation in 2005 and each year thereafter through 2009. The gifts would provide support for the organization and operation from May 2005 through April 2011 of a research center named the Turing Center at the University of Washington, which would use the gifts to conduct scholarly research, publications, and conferences whose purposes would fall within the purposes of the foundation.

Volunteer Support Provision

The foundation agreed to recruit volunteers to perform services for the Turing Center. Pursuant to this agreement, Jonathan Pool, Emily Bender, and Christie Evans volunteered as members of the Turing Center's Events Committee and in this capacity helped the Turing Center administer a series of lectures and seminars, and Jonathan Pool and Emily Bender volunteered as members of the Turing Center's Advisory Board.


The foundation continued to manage its securities assets, administer its financial and legal affairs, maintain contacts with related individuals and organizations, and train its staff in subjects related to the foundation's mission and interests, as reported in the statement of activities for 2004.

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