Utilika Foundation

Minutes, 2008

Contents and Synopsis

2008/09/23: Annual meeting of Board. Activities discussed. Officers elected. Directors elected.


Annual Meeting

00. An annual meeting of the Board took place on 2008/09/23. The purposes of the meeting were to discuss activities and elect officers and directors. The participating directors were: Jonathan Pool, Director A; Emily Bender, Director B; Christine Evans, Director C.

01. In accord with section 4.6 of the Bylaws, the President assumed the presidency of the meeting and appointed himself to act as the secretary of the meeting.

02. The President summarized recent activities of the foundation and activities supported by the foundation at the University of Washington Turing Center. Noting that the Turing Center’s research had produced a massively multilingual lexical database, “TransGraph”, and that the President and foundation Research Associate Susan Colowick were currently expanding it, he expressed and explained the judgment that the foundation’s most promising strategy for the pursuit of its mission was to dedicate the remaining foundation assets mainly to the continued expansion and enhancement of TransGraph, its conversion into a stable interactive public resource, and its management and promotion. The Board unanimously concurred in this judgment, discussed how this strategy could be implemented, and authorized the President to confer with the Turing Center and with other appropriate experts in the pursuit of the strategy.

03. In accord with section 4.2 of the Bylaws, the Board elected the following officers, they consented to serve as elected, and their terms, ending at the annual meeting in May 2009, began:

04. In accord with sections 3.4.2 and 3.5 of the Bylaws and Action 2004/05/24-04, the Board re-elected Emily Bender Director B. She consented to serve as elected, and her term, ending on 2012/04/30, began.

05. In accord with sections 3.4.2 and 3.5 of the Bylaws and Action 2004/05/24-04, the President nominated William D. Lewis, a Program Manager at Microsoft Research and an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of Washington, as Director D. The President expressed the judgment that Dr. Lewis would be able to help the foundation implement the strategy described in Action 2008/09/23-02. The Board elected Dr. Lewis Director D. He consented to serve as elected, and his term, ending on 2010/04/30, began.

I certify the correctness of the foregoing actions of the Board on 2008/09/23.

Jonathan Pool

I certify that the Board of Utilika Foundation took the actions described in the foregoing Minutes.

Jonathan Pool

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